What We Do


The Suchman Group works in the investment, development, brokerage, consulting, and asset management segments of the New York real estate market. The well-established nature of our business is demonstrated by long-term partnerships with major banks and access to substantial credit facilities.


As part of its pre-project work The Suchman Group independently conducts studies of the market, develops a project concept, and draws up a business plan and a feasibility study. This is followed by purchase of the property and the selection of contractors to carry out the construction work. The entire process is accomplished under strict supervision by The Suchman Group.


Brokerage services are fundamental to The Suchman Group’s business. The company began its life as a provider of such services and these services are what enable the Company to have a better feeling and understanding of the market. Being close to customers helps us plan and structure our business to best effect, making the right investment decisions at the right time.


Consulting is the intellectual foundation of The Suchman Group's business. In 27 years of work, Jeffrey Suchman has accumulated an enormous wealth of knowledge, and this knowledge is the most valuable part of The Suchman Group’s capital. Our consulting business draws on the company’s unique analytical know-how, data bases, and business approaches.


The key to successful asset management lies in a combination of several factors: professional market analysis, predicting trends, and accurate assessment of the potential of future projects. Drawing on its unique experience and knowledge the company currently offers the following asset management services: